aTag on custom scoreboard

Hi everyone! I put aTags on my server, but i can’t make this work with my custom scoreboard and ikefi is inactive from Gmodstore =/ I really need help (Sorry for my bad English :p)

Have you tried this thing from FAQ?

local tag, color = hook.Call("aTag_GetScoreboardTag", nil, PLAYER)

Yeah, but i don’t know why this not work :frowning:

Post your error/code?

Ok, i don’t know what i make with this thing =/

You have to post your scoreboard code and wait when someone decide to help you :s:

When creating/drawings your columns, call this hook on the line’s player. What this hook returns you is the tag text and color, which you can then use to make a label/column text
local tag, color = hook.Call(“aTag_GetScoreboardTag”, nil, Player)
draw.SimpleText(tag, “ChatFont”, 0, 0, color, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)

I’ll try this, thanks

I can’t make an column, i’ve tried in every way =/ (Btw i use an custom Scoreboard without support: This) Anyone help me ;-; I’m an noob on Lua Scripting

You say you’ve tried, but you really need to post your code.

My sb_row (i think that’s enough)

If it’s a paid gmodstore scoreboard then you should start by making a support ticket to the author, if he’s inactive and you didn’t get any response you should report the script on there.

To answer your problem I took a quick glance and this is what you should add in sb_row.lua, before line 36:

self:AddColumn(“Tag”, function(ply, lbl)
local t, c = hook.Call(“aTag_GetScoreboardTag”, nil, ply)
lbl:SetTextColor(c or color_white)
return t or “”

Both of them (aTags and Modern Scoreboard) has a author inactive, sadly =/ But thank you so much, Shenesis! :slight_smile: