ATickets - Free and simple admin tickets system


So tooday I’m posting this topic to share with you an admin ticket/popups system I made.
We had issues finding something that we liked for our server, even in paid addons, so I decided to code my own. I’m kinda begginer in lua but it does work and that’s the most important.

Here is what a ticket looks like :

How they work :
When a player wants an admin, they can just type /// followed by the message they want in the chat.
Once that’s done, all admins recieve a ticket like the screenshoot above.
If the player sends a second message, then it will appear below the first one in the same ticket.
Once an admin uses a command, the ticket becomes green for him and disapear from the other admins screen.
When the admin finishes to deal with the problem he just can close it.
If an admin closes a ticket without using the commands, the ticket will be closed for everyone (Usefull when people says “I cancel my ticket” or similar things)
When playing, if you don’t want to see the tickets, you can just use !tickets to hide them. You can reuse the same command to see them again later.
After an admin connects to the server, after 20 seconds he receive every tickets, even ones made before he was connected.

The Goto, Teleport and Return commands uses ULX and Spectate uses FSpectate (But can be changed for ULX spectate in sh_atickets_config.lua)

Here is the workshop link for you to get it :
I hope this will be usefull for some people.


Do you have a github link for this too?

-snip nvm-