ATIE EU/NL Rebalanced/NoResearchKits/NoWipe/LimitedC4


After playing on a couple of EU servers for about 200 hours with friends, we started feeling that the game’s potential is huge, but the experience is still ruined by a couple of factors. A lack of balance seems to be the major one. There is too much C4 on servers, caused by:

  • Unfair admins who give away stuff far too easily;
  • Too many airdrops;
  • The fact that a player could go from noob to pro in just a couple of hours, by researching everything one finds on his path.

So we decided to start an European server, featuring:

  • No research kits. The only way to learn to craft a specific, non-default item, is to find its corresponding blueprint. In this way, we are able to - indirectly - control item’s frequencies. It will not take ages to find a blueprint for a simple pickaxe, but acquiring an explosive charge blueprint and blueprints for all its components should be quite a challenge. The pros:

— It will take some time to acquire every single blueprint, which is an extra challenge;
— It will stimulate the adventure aspect of the game. You will have to ‘go out’ and find stuff in loot crates, kill animals and head for airdrops;
— It will stimulate the community aspect of the game. You are not able to craft a leather vest yet? Trade with your neighbour.

  • Limited C4. Note that this is mainly because of the previous feature. We control blueprints and C4 blueprints are rare. (At the moment, every single blueprint can be found except the blueprint for a flare, which is an essential ingredient for a piece of C4. This can be changed in the future, but we are excited for what kind of new gameplay is introduced by this.)
    - Extended durability. Items last twice as long.
  • Minor adjustments to resource spawning. Sulfur stones are a bit less frequent.
    - Active and fair admins.
  • Changed airdrops. Airdrops are infrequent and their contents are different. The best blueprints can be found in airdrop crates.
    - A low number of modifications. Modifications cause lag and should be avoided when they do not change the game’s mechanics drastically. We might write our own Oxide plugins or modify some existing ones in the future to ensure that there is minimal lag.
  • No wipes. We believe that Rust’s decay mechanics are sufficient to reduce lag. Another reason - wiping a server because the balance is gone - could remain, but on top of the mechanics previously mentioned to favour balance, we could choose to make dynamic balance adjustments. When things are getting out of hand, we could raise a hand and make some changes to resource spawning, blueprint frequencies, and so on.

Some rules:

  • No griefing. Of course you can build stairs aside someone’s house, but do not place pillars, walls, or other objects which can’t be removed by hitting it inside someone’s house.
  • No insulting. We like to keep it nice.
  • No cheating. Zero tolerance for cheaters.

The server is called ATIE, and can be joined by pressing f1 when in-game and then typing:


Hit enter afterwards. We hope to welcome you! :wink: