Atlanta, GA Dedicated Box Hosts

Hello, I’m Battlefield King.

As many of you know I’ve had alot of crashes with my box in the past at Limestone Networks. Their hosting is good but my box just has problems. Anyway I’d like to get a dedicated box from a Atlanta, GA data center. Reason this is is because of the ping I get from servers in Atlanta, GA and nowhere else. Everywhere else my ping stays at 60+ servers in Atlanta, GA from 25+ ping. Yea in most cases ping doesn’t matter unless its like the ping an american like me would get to a uk server which would be 180+ which is bad.

I’m here to ask you if you if you if you have tried a Atlanta, GA hosting company that you like and are satisfied with because then I’ll give that host a look.

Thank you

Hayden Binkley
August, 11 2010

I can get you really cheap servers at the DimeNoc in Orlando (I think we had this discussion before, did I ever get the quotes for you?)

All quality stuff.

You never got me the quotes also send me a ip to ping so I can see my ping to theirs and see how good it is.

Sorry, was on holiday and had other things on at the time and lost track of quotes (had a few people request them) must have forgotten yours. is one of my IP’s

Protip; Don’t buy a server based on your personal ping, but where you want your client-base. That’s why I buy US servers and deal with a 300 ping rather then buy an Australian based server.

EDIT; Sent you a pm.

69 ping

i’ve said this 3 times

Expensive, they resell peer1, and not well known.

Colocrossing, or limestone. They are the only two hosts I use other than colocation here in reston virginia.

Box got replaced at limestone its running better hopefully it doesn’t crash like the other did.

Linode has a VPS in Atlanta, GA

I currently run a garrysmod server on one right now and get 20 ping to TN

how well does a Gmod server run a VPS? and how are the i/o speeds?

I just looked at the prices … has way cheaper ones than there.

Runs quite nicely < thats the 512 plan ($20/m). No problems with it except the HDD space. I’ve got CSS, HL2, Portal, EP2, TF2, PHX, Wire, Sgt.Sickness’s Cars on here and a bunch of fretta maps/gamemodes. The looks quite nice, never heard of them so idk about the reliability but I can say linode is the best i’ve seen from looking around. I payed, picked my server, and had root ssh in under 10 minutes.

I run a server on a VPS also and it seems to run amazingly even though it is a VPS.

I use ( My old company merged with them )

I have the 250GB VPS from, its only $35 per month, mine has 33 days uptime atm.