[Atlanta]Rustia Town Wars[Cheatpunch/Active admins/daily airdrops/1/4 craft/noob friendly/ limited crafting/rare c-4

To make the game a bit more challenging we’ve limited some aspects of the game.

Non craftable or researchable:
Radiation and Kevlar Suits
Red Dot sight
No Blueprints
Supply Drops occur Daily (Random dusk or night drops may occur as well.)

1.) Towns and factions make their own rules.
2.) No intentional griefing (building around other peoples buildings, blocking doors so people are trapped, however raid structures are fine)
2a.) Raid structures can include foundations, ceilings and pillars so long as they don’t trap people inside their buildings. For example putting a ramp in front of someones door so they can’t exit.
If you have any questions feel free to ask for clarification.
3)No Hacking or Exploiting Glitches
Non-rules: (you don’t have to follow these they are just suggestions)
1.) Try not to kill newspawns. (We want to foster a bit of a challenge for ourselves.)
2.) KOS is frowned upon but not prohibited. (by frowned upon we mean that it this action could cause towns to hunt you down for revenge.)
3.) Try not to be a douche.
4.) Racial slurs aren’t tolerated and will get you banned.


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Do you like to raid?

Do you like to rob people for their pants?

We are looking for you. Our server has gotten soft people are gathering in rad towns with out fear building big bases and getting fat off the land. My server needs some people who just want to see the world burn. Are you such a person?