Atlantis is waiting.

If you haven’t seen the movie you should be ashamed and go watch it right away.

Ahhh one of my favorite disney movies . Was this inspierd right after that other guy posted a pic with the atlantis soundtrack ?

I am that other guy.

One of my favorite movies. Those gas mask guys were awesome.

Well now i just feel like derp

I want more portable airplanes from 1914!

I might do something from that scene next.

Best Disney movie. Very nice!

Only cause it’s a stargate ripoff.

Because stargate invented atlantis.

No no no, Not Stargate: Atlantis,
I mean the animate Atlantis movie was a blatant ripoff of the original Stargate movie.

I did honestly think it was heavily taken from Stargate after I’d actually watched Stargate, but even then, it’s still a fairly good movie on its own.

Whitmore’s ships were all really freaking cool, though. And dem airplanes… Mmmm.

2:07 = nostalgia CRIT!

Wasn’t complaining it to be a BAD movie, mind you,
just a ripoff.

Ah, Atlantis. That was such a a beautiful Disney film.

fully agree. fun fact, it’s one of the most bloody disney movie ever. they kill off 230 side characters and 4 of the main characters. It’s also the first disney movie that features absolutely no songs.

I loved that movie-the moive score enven more so! :smiley: