Atlantis Models Request

Hello everyone, I have noticed that there is a lack of Stargate Atlantis models. I know there is a few people who have modeled some Stargate Atlantis models such as Atlantis Consoles, weapons, a jumper, etc. but i would like to have more. I have attempted to build a detailed Atlantis in Garrysmod (using phx, wire, stargate addon, atlantis consoles, and so on). I have built 2 versions of it, but with the lack of Atlantis oriented models they have not given me any satisfaction. Unfortunately, i do not know how to model or code. So, if anyone is willing to attempt to model some Stargate Atlantis oriented models, that would be great. Really, i don’t not care what anyone makes for this, as long as it is “Atlantis” oriented. Although, i will give some suggestions. Some suggestions would be maybe Atlantis doors, weapons, laptops, consoles, etc. Thank you to everyone or anyone who decides to help out.