Atlas' weird maps

Hey again.

So I’m moving over from this thread, because I think it has a dumb name, and I’m working on more maps than that stupid unoriginal flatgrass :V

Theres still stuff to see on that thread though, and if you’re curious, check it out.

Ill re-post the best videos and screenshots I took since making that thread.

My best map so far: sb_wasteland

Although it’s small, it incorporates most of what I learned watching various tutorials on Hammer2. I think its very pretty looking, but Source 2 makes that pretty easy

The map I made before wasteland, much simpler beginnings

I clearly have a fixation on doors.

My current project: dm_samsara

The eagle eyed among you may be able to notice my inspiration behind making this map. I’ll leave you to guess below :stuck_out_tongue:

This map will have the full beauty treatment. Fog volumes, good post processing, beautiful materials, the works. And I cant wait to see how it turns out.

(I’m not excited for the compile times though)


you should get access to sbox :roll_eyes:

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Here’s that fog I was talkin about.


Volumetric lighting in games is so satisfying

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Materials, finally

(subject to change if I find or make better ones)

Have some eyecandy


Today I added some effects.

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