ATM Banker v3

**ATM Banker v3
Coded By: Fish

-Designed to work for DarkRP ONLY!-
Note: Usage of the latest DarkRP recommended.


v3 Fixes:**
Patched exploits,
Much harder to bruteforce,
Fixed spawns (read below)


-PLACE the ‘ATM Banker v3’ folder into the server’s ‘addons’ folder and make sure the server restarts!


-To set up the ATM, you must be in the server with the ATM installed.


-After, you can set the spawn points by looking at the place where you would like an ATM to spawn and then typing in chat: /setatmspawn or putting: atm_setspawn into console. The ATM’s will spawn each time the server is on that map.

-I’ve included three spawn-ready ATM’s in these maps: rp_downtown_v2, rp_evocity_v2d, rp_bangclaw.

To spawn all of the ATMs, type into console: atm_spawnall

To remove all of them, type into console:

To remove all spawns, then type into console:

What is this?
-This is an ATM Banker which allows users to deposit and withdraw money from their bank account.

How does it work?
-Press E on the ATM to get started. When you come to the ATM for the first time, you will create a PIN Code. This can be made up of either letters or digits.

-After, you can login to your account by entering the PIN to your own account and pressing ‘OK’ or by just pressing ENTER. If you forget the PIN to your account, no worries, just press ‘Reset Your PIN’ and you’re good to go.

-Once you’re in the main ATM menu, you can deposit into your account or withdraw money from your bank account.

-At the top you’ll be able to see the amount that’s in your account including which account you’re logged into.

-When you’re done doing stuff, just simply press the ‘X’ on the top right of the menu.

Super-Admin Tab
-Super-Admins are given a tab where they can control everyone’s bank account.
-This includes: printing everyone’s money and pin codes, resetting money and pin codes, withdrawing money from a specific account or depositing, and so on. This is very useful for Super-Admins.

Anything else I should know about?
-There’s a down arrow on the security menu which reveals names of people in the server. This allows you to login to someone else’s bank account, IF you have their PIN and then you can deposit and withdraw money.

-An example might be if your friend gives you their PIN so you can deposit some of your money into their bank account, etc.

Interest System
-There’s also an interest system built in. This system gives you 0.03% of your banked money and adds it to your bank account every 2 minutes. This allows you to rack up even more cash.

Download link:

“Print Pin Codes”. Your just asking for trouble and abuse.

That was said in v2 and v1. We already went over how skiddy DarkRP Admins/Superadmins would abuse it.

Nuff said.

So anybody can change the atm model to a custom one if they want, amirite? Like the l4d2 ones.

Yeah, you can.

That’s why you don’t give SuperAdmin to people who abuse and minge.

Yes you may not give it to minges. But give me a single situatiin where someone needs peoples pin codes.


Why would you give superadmin to person who abuses the game?

Just a tip for people who want to improve the functionality a bit. You can edit player.lua so players pay goes into their bank account instead of into their wallet.

line 403 of darkrp/gamemode/server/player.lua

from self:AddMoney or whatever it is to

[lua]self:SetPData( “bankmoney”, +amount)[/lua]

Broken now :frowning:
Sorry If I bumped it

hmm any1 got a fixxed version of it? im searching for a while but i cant find anything

WOO! :dance:

This took me some time to fix, but finally I did :smile:.

Could you share the fixed version with me please?
I haven’t fixed it yet, and i don’t know what to do now.
I would really appreciate it, but it’s all your choice.
Thanks :slight_smile:

And you are just “telling” us this?

Would be nice if you could share it…

Anyone tell me how to fix this for myself?

maybe i’m wrong, but couldn’t you just use GetPData to exploit this?

This needs fixing, please fix!

Nice addon,
Many versions like this on websites like Coderhire
Nice to see a simular one for free :slight_smile: