Atomic Bomb!

Just a simple SENT I made, a nuke bomb!
It’s an addon so just toss the atomicbomb folder into your addons folder!

I take NO credit at all for the nuke effect, Teta_bonita made it, and did a great job on it! :slight_smile:

Nuke beta 3(2 might work, but you should use 3)
PHX Final(For the bomb)

Usage: Hit use on it to arm the bomb, then slam it down on the ground
or a player or anything else that’s hard, or stick a thruster on it and you have a nuclear missile!

Version 2!
To use with wire:
Wire a toggle button to the Arm input to arm it.
And just a normal button for the Detonate input.
It also outputs if it’s armed or not.



Has it Wire Support ?

No, that’s in V2

it hinks it good. I am downloading it thanks

If you want wired Atomic bombs and suck, download the “Fly by Wire v5.5” mod.

I never really liked fly by wire, it made it so anybody that did not have it crashed when they joined my server…

This is actually good, because now we don’t have a timer on the nuke so it doesn’t blow your balls off. Just need to be more careful with it.

Did anybody get the wired nuke working anyway? if they did i would love it, also if it was not allowed to be spawned by clients.

Whoa, awesome. Now I actually have a use for those satellites that I’ve been designing all this time! :smiley:

Is it Admin Only? That would be best. Keep it admin only that way it isn’t so easy for minges to destroy servers.

sweet it would be cool if u could put it into the bomb bay…

I’m not THAT stupid :wink: It’s admin only.

EDIT: I’m thinking about making another nuke based sent… Like a nuclear reactor for life support(Think the fusion reactor, but blows up in a nuke if you don’t give it enough coolant :smiley:

It’s possible.

This reminds me of something I made, not going to link it because everyone would call me an a-hole/immature.

Very simple to do, gold stared for the effort.

A way to use V1 with wiremod(to make a automatic nuke shooter or whatever) you just place a wire user aiming at the nuke, and wire some output to the use input, which will arm it.

This SENT is among the most fun thing’s I’ve gotten to play around with in gmod. Awesome job. A fun thing to try is to make a nuclear misile with this thing using thrusters, rotate it into a good launch position, duplicate it a number of times, and fire them all off at once. It looks spectacular.

Lol, “and suck”.

Ok, the wired version is almost finished, I just need to do some final testing, then I will release!


DONE! V2 is uploaded!

this looks like wired nuke, with a different model?