Atomic Riders: Episode II (Short Zombie Movie)

Here’s the second episode in my Atomic Riders videos. I took your guys advice on this one and focused [A LOT MORE] heavily on the story. It is not without its action scenes, though. I also did some work regarding the title effects. There are a few errors (Lua error boxes, stuff like that) in the movie, but nothing video-breaking. If anyone has any suggestions on how I should continue the story, I’d be happy to discuss it.

Also, I’m saying this because if I hadn’t have a lot of you would have disregarded it - there is a cool little title effect at the end which says something that if you are interested in movie editing you might appreciate.

Also, here is the link to my original Atomic Riders thread and video:

Good work with the camera, but a movie needs more than just fancy effects to be good.
We’ve all seen apocalypse movies with players/NPC’s fighting Zombies. It’s nothing new and it’s not interesting to watch.

I would also not call this a “story”. This movie doesn’t have a story, it’s simply players fighting against Zombies and Antlions.
A few things didn’t make sense - why a dumpster in the middle of a… desert? what is it doing there?
And why did the guy shoot the big white thing?(I forgot the name) It contributed nothing to the story what so ever.
Also, that is one fast truck, haha.

A good example of a movie is “War of the Servers”. It’s 1 hour and 40 minutes long but worth watching and may give you some ideas.

i agree with CheezyCheeze, though i got to say its better then the lat one.
the title sequences were good, i think ive got an idea on how to do them.

I should have explained a few things more. The giant ‘oil tank’ was basically where when the survivor saw that the town was out of gas, he went to the fuel station and shot at the gas tank. Normally, to get fluid out of a large container, you’d poke a hole in the bottom. But then again, all of the fluid will drain out, thus wasting it all. If he shot at the top, a small bit of gas will come out, but not all of the gas in the entire tank. After that ran out, there would be less, so he would shoot a hole lower.

I tried a lot harder for a story on this one, and I even gave objectives on what he has to do. I guess you could say it’s an extremely long exposition for the series, but I really do not like voice acting in movies - it kind of ruins it for me.

Also, I’ve seen a couple dozen minutes of WOTS, and I will say I enjoyed it, but I’d like to focus a bit more on action. Not that there was A LOT of action in this movie, anyways. The entire first half was not action.

Thanks for the input.

ALOT better way less shaky on the cam so now i can see whats happening. But add something special to your video.

I added shaky cam to my newest one, lol.