Atomic Riders: Episode III (Short Garry's Mod Action Film)

Aside from the movie being posted on Youtube, it will be premiering at the C18 movie theater at 8PM -4 EASTERN TIME tonight on the big screen on the EpicRP Productions official RP server (info on how to get to the premier below) . It will include sound and video. It is being considered a part of our RP experience. We took the server map to Atomic, gathered anyone that joined the server and filmed the movie. Those people were paid in server RP money and given a big thank-you during our production closing ceremony on Amsterville. The thing with this is, you all are invited! hop in on the IP address We would LOVE to have anyone join us on the premier of our new movie and watch it in the theater (We are using a modified version of Youtube Player, and it will have full sound)

I will put the movie link on this thread after the first showing of the movie on our server.


Made my third Atomic Riders film. This one is probably the exact opposite of the other two films, which I’ve bumped them both.

This movie’s a comedy that takes itself seriously. It also has around 10 real-life players instead of just one in my previous movies.

It is focused heavily on comedy. There was an attempted story somewhere along the production time, but it ultimately got lost, although there is more of an explanation as to why the apocalypse occurred. The music editing I’m sure you all will appreciate and the ending goes out with a bang, too.

We had a great time making this film, and hope you’ll join us in watching it. This is the first Epic RP Productions movie, but I’m sure more will come. Thanks in advance.


We made a (light) homage to Planet Terror with the vehicles. LOL. We love you Defect

:frowning: i missed the premier.

Eastern Time. You didn’t miss it. It’s in another two and a half hours.

It’s 5:32PM here.

And then again, it might not even be at 8PM, because I’m having issues with Youtube. Them and their damn copyrighted audio. I’ve had to change audio tracks like three or four times so far. It’s not even uploaded to YT yet. Ugh.

ooh, silly me.

Great marketing technique

Thanks, but guess who’s busy editing the music track three hours after the premier of the movie because WMG says I’m using copyrighted material after it’s already been submitted three times?

If anyone has time tomorrow and still wants to see it, it’ll be on tomorrow night, too.

Wow, that sucks dick.

i dont see why youtube have a proplem with copyrighted material, do they actully think that were trying to claim the music as our own.

so what time is the premire?

Yeah, I filed quite an angry dispute after trying the fifth time with my original video, and they let me go and unmuted the track.

Premier is 6PM EST today… that’s 7 hours from now.

well that good to hear, at least they can listen to reason.

ill try and be there, my steam name is bielecki.

Reserve me a spot, my steam name is Bob Nolen

Done. 45 minutes until the premier. All is going well.

just finished wacthing it on youtube, ive got to say that your good with your cinematography.
however the whole plot is still in a jumble, but it was still quite entertaining so well done.

by the way what video editor are u useing?

Damn man, sorry I missed it. I’ll watch it on youtube now though :slight_smile:

Sony Vegas.

I posted the link up, guys.

Some odd song-choices.

Yeah but I thought I did well with the sound editing.