Atomic Riders: Episode IV (Short Garry's Mod Action Film)

Here comes yet another installment of the Atomic Riders film series. Unlike the previous installment, we kept almost the same plot, but it’s in a different setting and has taken a MUCH more serious, gritty tone than the other one. Also, it will be tied in with Riot Squad, another one of my movies.

FILLER from Third to Fourth movie:

In the third one, there was a ridiculously serious speech about how they may have found a location for the cure. The location is in the city, and the wastelanders believe that the mayor may have taken it and vaccinated his entire workforce, in an attempt to survive. Now, they are trying to find the mayor and get the cure (Remember Riot Squad? They are trying to get the mayor, too. cough* tie in cough) to start helping EVERYONE.

Oh my god, you just keep shitting these out like you’re on lax!

maybe u should spend more time on these vids…

It’s not that I spend little time on them in terms of effort, it’s just that I have enough time to work on them. I worked on Atomic Riders III for almost a day by filming it with everyone, and for the next one and a half days I edited it and put it on Youtube. I work on these as hard as I can, the only sacrifice is that they’re only around four minutes each. If there’s anything I DON’T work on, it’s the story, I can get a little bit lacking in that area.

Just because I take very little time to push them out doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard on them.

bumped - the movie is now posted on the thread.

You are good with the camera and the effects but you need a story, you have to show why you want to get there, more talking, and stop making serious-funny-serious movies, keep one stile.

i think it might be time for some custome content to spice up the videos a little.
and ill be happy to do some mapping if you want, i need to occupy myself anyway.

Nicely done, but way too dark. Also the camera movements made me a bit dizzy.

Anyways, keep up with the nice work.

I’m an action freak, so I loved this. But a bit too much shake.

Well the second firefight probably had a bit too much shake IMO, but the first one I personally though was beautifully filmed.

And to the person that said it was too dark, I’m not able to change that, when I use FRAPS to record it just darkens the video for some reason. Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

And that map is also naturally dark as fuck

Yeah, it is. I was afraid of jacking the brightness up because if I did it would either appear washed out or too bright.

But thanks for the good word. If you’d like, subscribe to my channel, i’ll probably be posting more up. Not for a while though, going to europe on vacation for a month :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:

Lol, in the middle of producing a fifth movie.