Atomic Riders (Short Zombie Movie)

Here is another short zombie movie that I produced. There isn’t a lot of plot to my movies, mainly there is only action and shooting, which is what I figured the YT and lots of the FP community want. I have made very good use of the catmull-rom camera techniques, the entire movie is comprised of only that, no static bullshit cameras. Enjoy :slight_smile:

oh comon, we arnt complete morons… lol

Meh, was okay.

The first 44 seconds were the best, the camera movement was very good and the jeep jump was good. After that though it just became boring and repetitve and it’s too much like every other Garrysmod zombie slaughter movie I’ve seen before. You should also consider using source recorder, it would improve the frame rate.

Thanks for the criticism. Maybe I should work more on style and less on action?


there also dose need to be some struture in the plot. it cant just be ‘man gose in jeep… kills zombies.’

I like using this camera system aswell, just very trial and error to work with bots and not real actors

I figured youtube and FP users would rather have action over plot, but thanks for the criticism.

As to the poster above me, I have the advantage of working with a real person and not a bot. It still is difficult to convey the ideas into my head onto the screen though.

but look at all the big names in machinma, all those directors have a good structure and plot in there films, thats why there soo popular.

I’d rather focus on more action-based films.

Then don’t expect to be very popular unless you can seriously raise the bar with action

I ended up taking your advices on this one. I was being dense before. Story helps.

Song works well with it i think.

Personally, my favorite part was the music at the beginning, lol.

Amazing cinematography 0:22 looks amazing. Great song. Great video. Only thing that sucked was the placement of the zombies all together at some parts. This video is in the 90th percentile of gmod videos I have seen. Great job

Edit: LMAO, i see my video in the related videos for your video. Car chase fortress

Use of camera was very good in my opinion but yeah, More plot and thought put into it. Good job, Keep working at it!

You need more money shots, I think, focus more on the action and less on the scenery. The camera-work was a bit overdone, shaking should be used sparingly, otherwise it just becomes disorienting.

Also, you need to get Episode 2 to get rid of all the checkerboxes; it’s a minor fault, though.

Yeah, the shaky cam I used to love, now I’d rather have more slow panning shots.

the shaky cam was cool for a little but later on it started becoming harder to see what was happening because the cam was being thrown and turned all over the place kind of like in some movies people will be talking at a table and the cam will be flashing behind each persons shoulders to above shot back to there shoulders and there just talking about what they are going to eat!