Atomic Riders: The Movie [Short Garry's Mod Film]

Here’s the new Atomic Riders movie!

It was like 40gb uncompressed lol, glad to have it off my harddrive. Hope you guys like it.

Click the above link to watch the original Atomic Riders Episodes, I-IV.

Here’s my constructive clits:

Your shaky cam gave me a headache. Seriously, that shit was way too intense. (I’m fucking serious, my head is pulsating right now)

Your OST lacks personality. One second it’s rock, the next it’s bloody fucking orchestral! Don’t mix it up as much. I know you’re going for the “epic and super awesome” Kind of film but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

The voice acting. Oooohhhh the voice acting. Please work on that man. I think you know what I’m going to say :slight_smile:

Good points
It was entertaining
You finally started adding personality to your characters. Well done.
Cinematic (In some aspects)

Keep it up! Don’t stop trying until you’ve reached your goal.

I give 9.5/10 from the intro, I love it; song is perfect and I love the space views. Rest of the video was bang bang zombee and worse voice acting. It still was quite well made so keep filming.

Im going to have to completly agree with Rehukotsa, Perfect intro (except shaky cam), great music for it, it flowed perfectly, you had me thinking it was going to be great. But then you fell apart, your flow became horrible, the music fading out before it had any type of closer to the song kinda ruined alot of parts, your selection of music didnt fit in at parts, in the begining yes, but after that you seemed to pick songs you “liked” and somewhat fit with the story, scenes turned into npc wars, voice acting was monotone and average at best, camera movements were awful, at your character intros dont spend so much time, all you need to do is flash there name and almost instantly get back into the film, and the story didnt flow that great. To be honest it seemed like you didnt realy have a plot(execpt for them needing gas), and what little plot that was there, wasnt well writen.

I really hope you take this as constructive criticizem, your group has potential and im really just trying to help you get there.

I think part of the reason this fell apart towards the end was that I caught the flu while filming, and it was on an extra long weekend, and I wanted to get it completely finished and over with. In the process this hindered my creativity and inspiration that I began the project with.

And the voice acting, as much as I hate it, I tried adding in some, and giving some of the characters personality was my goal. I hate putting in more conversation than was needed, and I had hoped that the voice acting was at least okay, but I guess you guys didn’t like it as much :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure what I will make next, whether it’s a sequel or not, I have no idea. I tried making this video shorter than it was, I hope you guys were at least able to sit through the entire film, but if you would watch the older videos, you’d see that this is almost an exact remake of the first three episodes. If I DO make another movie, I probably won’t have another flu, and it will be sure to have much more effort put into it.

Edit: Faolco, you might want to change your beginning phrase, which currently says “Here’s my constructive clits” to “Here’s my constructive crits”

Great, just great. I found the humor, the posing and storyline to be all great! The only things I would suggest you should do are, get a better voice editing program or use your own voice for different sequences, and use the shaky cam just a slight tad bit less… Everything was five star material.

The part after the intro Was extremely similar to Borderlands Intro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t if you tried to do it like that Or did it just come out that way?

The medic scene was delightfully amazing.

Other than that, flow’s OK, needs less shaky cam.

Like the others said,
-bad acting
-bad camera movement
-bad plot
The 3 main points you need to improve.

The camera was OK, you just need to really calm down on the shaking


I think its best to wait until you get well next time when you film.

Never film when you have other work you need to finish, or in distress emotionally, or physically.

Yeah yeah, I got ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I was practically yelling at everyone towards the end of the filming, I was really tired and pissed off.

Hopefully my next video won’t suffer from that like this one did

And to RapistSanta, I have actually seen the Borderlands intro… This is what inspired me to make the film, but I didn’t try and replicate anything from the actual game itself. Are you talking about the scene on the bus?

This video is great. Post this on


i give it a eight… It needs more storyline… Like what was the thing that destroyed civilization? why was there a missile? Who launched it?

That wasn’t my main focus. The storyline was weak, mostly focusing on action, however if you expected an explanation for the introduction, which is completely abandoned in the rest of the movie, your expectations for the film’s depth were set too high.

I would say what I think (my opinion) but I might get banned…

Worst piece of shit ever.

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't constructive criticism" - Benji))

I forgot to thank you for the suggestion. It eventually did get on (front page :D) and now i got a whole buncha subscribers + over 5000 views on the video!