AtomicRP Revival Beta

If any of you have played AtomicRP or wanted to play Fallout3 in garrysmod (idk why) I am starting to rehost my AtomicRP server, some of you may have actually played it before.

The gamemode is very fun, and my admins and I try our hardest to keep it under control and keep the common minges out of the server, or try to let them in on the fun. We are looking for admins and other staff.

IP is:

If you’re going to connect via console, you’re going to need that port on the end

(You’re going to need to download the pack so you dont have any errors, Thanks)

you only need this in console when port is 27015:

although this works too but doesnt make much sense:

Looks like it has potential, too bad its empty :frowning:

Its based off darkrp, i think.