Atrox Ailette Forward Operations Base In The Evening


First scenebuild in ages.

I feel like the DOF is a tad too heavy.

In the future soldiers use Ipad

that isn’t an ipad

it’s a bOSs tablet

also nice, though it’s pretty bright for an evening

Lighting from the tablet is way too pronounced for mid-day. You’d hardly see it at all with the saturated lighting from the sun.

Nice work on the posing, on another note, are those the regular blacklight guys with headhacks or are they skins and headhacks of your own?

Even in wartime, the soldiers find a time for the Amazon Kindle™ Get yours today.

the two in the background are dandy inflator work, but all of the blacklight stuff is (unreleased at the moment) upgraded versions of the old models with new skins and shit, except the one dude who’s one of my fox commandos

Go is that guy on the front using the pad?

Good scenebuild thought.

Maybe it’s, yknow, added for stylistic effect.

Pretty great overall, but those low res crappy textured sandbags are really bugging me.