Atrox Ailette Recon Group Patrolling

Quick info: The ‘guy’ in the front is a bio-mechanical drone supporting a group of normal ‘meatbags’.
The guy with his hand out in the background is a so called ‘Feeler’ (If I could come up with a better name, I’d use it. The current name is descriptive enough for now.), who is still a sentient person.
Feelers can use their special goggles to see in to a infrared spectrum and their hands can ‘feel’ the warmth or cold of a possible target. They can also instantly kill anyone within a 1~4m distance, but this also kills the Feeler from the exhaustion of the act.

Mmhm, it’s part of the story (no longer just a concept, woo!) I’ve been writing up and stuff.
C&C, I GUESS, I’d appreciate it.

It’s a bit colourless to be honest.

just a heads up that the majority of people won’t read what you’ve just said like I just did.

try expressing through your pictures rather than telling us what to see or feel

picture is super brown, posing is normal, nothing else really to say

Brown is mostly my fault, through the choice of the map. But it’s hard to find a good wasteland map without the brown and/or grey.

Thanks though.
And I’ll try expressing more through the image itself, but it’s kinda hard as turning your own fiction in to a pose is extremely limited when you are not great at editing nor at modelling and texturing.

In the grim darkness of the future there is only air pollution and sandstorms.

In asia*

My jokes REALLY suck.