Attach an entity to a prop and make it keep an angle?

So I am trying to make some sort of C4 that will attach to props. But I can’t get it to place “flush” with the prop. Like I want the bomb to be locked in an angle so even if the prop is not straight it will place like this:

Now when I tried to make this by using the props angle and hit position, like bomb:SetAngles(prop:GetAngles()) but can’t get it to work. So if someone could help me on the path to getting this right I would really appreciate it. I don’t want you to send me code but to explain how I would do this.

Set the C4’s parent to the prop.


Use the hit normal instead of the parent prop’s angles.


You might need to do some additional rotations to that angle, but that should at least get you started.

Thanks, that helped a lot. At least got it semi-working ^^.