Attach models to a bone

I am trying to make my player have a model/prop located on his right upperarm. I have found 2 ways of doing this but It will give the model on every one on the server. If there is a way of using ply for just that one player(me) that uses the script.

This look like it will not work with your player it looks like it only works with a ragdoll also I would need that addon I assume. correct me if i am wrong.

Code is in the thread, and it works for players.

In that thread he says that a is your glasses(model), b is your ragdoll. so for b I would use ply?

models/Gibs/HGIBS.mdl:SetParent( ply )
models/Gibs/HGIBS.mdl:Fire( “SetParentAttachment”, “glasses” )

I am probably be so stupid.I dont rlly understand lua.

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ok I just went on garrys mod and ran th code and got this as and out put