Attach npc to chair?

Alright obviously I’m new and can’t find out how to attach objects together.
Anybody willing to help?

Do you mean like welding?

Hold down Q
Look in the tools section
Select the ‘Weld Tool’ or ‘Easy Weld Tool’
Click on the 2 props you want to weld.

Thanks a lot, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:


Ok now I’m stuck with the problem of getting the ragdoll in the right position…
Dragging it with the physics gun is hard.
I’ve tried locking certain limbs and stuff but I can’t get him to “sit” on the seat and be attached to it.


*Just realized there is a proper help section, sorry I’ll go ask there.

You just can well, put it to sit, then use statue tool, weld all body parts to the chair with weld or parenting stool and then weight 1 on the ragdoll.

He would need the weight tool, eh?