Attach pskx to psk models in Max?

If some of you remember right, I’m working on doing some TF models from the Cybertron games. Turns out that the wheel models are static meshes in pskx format while the character models are psk. When importing, they look like this without their wheels:

After renaming them to psk, they still come out where the root reference is under the character model. Is there a way in Max to properly attach them without the wheel overtaking the model?

Just rotate/move them and use the Attach button under Editable Mesh.

Sorry for the late response, so I’ve tried the attach feature once. When I tried clicking on the wheel on the back once the wheel’s attached, it just goes straight to the chest .psk where it’s linked to. Despite the wheel not having bones originally, is that normal? It doesn’t mess with the model’s rig as a whole?

there`s no bones … like i say before you can edit (move, rotate,rescale or flip) them . if you put them on the left KNEE you must attach them to the left KNEE bones

I must be doing something wrong, because when I went to attach a wheel related static mesh to the leg of a mesh, it overwrites the bone it’s attaching to with it’s own reference and messes up the rig.

How exactly are you attaching it?

If the wheels have bones use the align tool and set your transformation orientation to local. Where the calves are there probably are dummy bones that you align the wheels to. Even if the wheel doesn’t have a bone it should still work because the pivot of the wheel is in the center and the inner face of the wheel.

If that doesn’t work then set your snap angle to like 1 degree and under snaps set it to snap to center faces or vertices, that way you can snap the middle vertex of the wheel to the calf and just rotate it until it fits properly. After that just change the pivot of the wheel to 0,0,0 and throw a symmetry modifier on it so you don’t have to repeat the work for the other leg.

I use Attach from the static mesh wheel(no bones on it) from Editable meshes and merged it with the leg bone. When I do that it replaces the leg bone with the static mesh and the entire lower half of the body is detached from the chest and the legs can’t move anymore.

Edit: I got it to work. What I did was use the “Select and Link” tool from the wheel to the leg. Let’s see if later on it stays attached in Source once I export it.