Attaching a Hyperdrive to a Jet

Basically I have 3 projects going. I am making a jet, missile launcher, and a hyper drive for the jet. My problem has to do with the Hyper drive making the Jet unable to fly. When i attach the hyper drive it makes the jet really slow and hard to turn… Is there any way to make the hyper drive not do this when attached to something?

Make it weigh less with the weight tool?

It already seems weightless, so makign it way less would not work i believe

The hyperdrive floats on it’s own and this means that it generates the gmod equivalent of friction when it is being pushed/pulled. But the odd thing is that since it weighs so little it has never really had any effect on anything that I have built that uses one. Maybe gmod glitched and it made yours weigh more therefor having it exert more of an effect on your plane. Either try making it weigh less like OutOfExile said, or try respawning it.

I’m pretty sure it weighs a lot but has gravity disabled. So it still has massive amounts of inertia but no downward force.

The hyperdrive controller has almost no gravity on it, and for some reason affects all surrounding props. So unless it is a spaceship, no go.

Try using physical properties to enable gravity (gravity toggle: on) and watever texture (metal), I’ve never tried it but it might work.

Yeah the person above me is right, if it doesn’t have hoverballs don’t use a hoverdrive.

The Hoverdrive weighs five tons. Make it weigh one, and it won’t float around.

Its true i just tested this great man’s theoy thank you i had the same problem