Attaching additional model to player's view (above weapon)

I’m new to LUA and looking into making a Macross mod within Garry’s mod. I can pull off quite a few things without any programming, but I’m wondering if I could attach an additional model to the player’s view, but above the V_model’s render plane. Why?

I want to have a cockpit model, which would move with the player 1:1. The gunpod could then be a standard view model, and weapon sway would allow it to flow more naturally independent of the cockpit.

Just knowing if this is possible is my primary question. An example would be great, but any answer would suffice as well. If this can be done, I’d like to move forward with using Gmod as a base for my own single player Macross mod, as I cannot program, and stand a better chance having some LUA flexibility. If not, I’ll have to go with vanilla HL2 and hope for the best.

Thanks in advance.