$attachment question

I´ve been reading alot on the valve development wiki lately and was wondering: Can you use attachments for first person animations? For example: You walk to a door and when you press E it plays the open animation, and the attachment on the doorknob tells where the hand has to go. Could this be created, or is it just a wild fantasy?

Also how can you use lua to tell the game to use the attachments for primary, secondairy etc where to put the weapon when it’s not currently equiped? (Seen in CS:S)

It can be created, but it would require a hardcoded animation (like Lua Animations API does it).

Alright, so you can’t animate in a modeling program, export it, compile it, then code it in lua?

Nope, you would have to animate it purely in Lua (or C++ if used in a custom Source mod).