Attack Ddos

Someone just spamming packets on my server and it time out every 2 seconde. I have this on my server but its not blocking. Someone have something to stop it.


What kind of packets? Source queries?

I dont know, i forgot to tell, the guy using DDOS attack

If the guy is DDOS’in you, no script would be able to effectively block it really, sorry.


If you dont know what your talking about I suggest in future you dont post

He means a true DDoS attack. Not a Source query attack.

Probably syn-ack flooding at your server port.
Contact your server host if you rented a dedicated server

I have a garrysmod server, i pay money for it each month and it getting ddosed i already have the protection i said on my first post, someone know how to fix it?

Contact your host because im sure what ever skiddy is doing it is using 1 or 2 servers nothing more so your host can simply block the ips

        "file"  "..\cstrike\addons\daf\bin\dosattackfix"

should be

        "file"  "..\garrysmod\addons\daf\bin\dosattackfix"