Attack helicopter

How do I defeat this chopper? Is there a easy way to take it down with 3 ppl? We tried 3 times 1attempt it didn’t really shoot rockets until he was almost broken. We have no clue what happened, we wiped all cupboards and stuff :o is there anyone that has some usefull tips?
Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes the chopper gets bugged and it hovers in one spot, and won’t even engage enemies. I recommend trying to take it out if you notice it is sitting static for a long time. With explosive 556 rounds.

That doesn’t really help him as the helI won’t always be glitched.

To take it out you need to destroy the main rotor and back rotor. Just shoot those two parts until they are on fire. Once one part is on fire stop shooting it and aim for the other. When both are destroyed it will crash. Best weapon to use is AK as you can hit it a lot. Since bullets were made faster explosive ammo would help a lot.

Try to not stay in one place as it will drop napalm on you if you do.

It is supposed to be hard.

Yesterday i almost shot it over my house alone. i put two magazines of AK in back rotor, it was on fire. then he killed me. When i respawn it was gone to the other part of map and never came back. i wanted to shoot it so badly, but i need to wait some more time.

When you shoot at it, listen for the hit sound, then you know where to aim at… then just unload everything you got at that spot (of course aim at the weak spots).