Attack made by Community HammerFall Gaming

Hello everyone, I am posting this as a somewhat nervous and angry server owner. I currently help run a community called AfterShock Gaming, ASG for short. We run the most popular Clonewars RP server in Garry’s Mod, and because of this you may see why we occasionally run into trouble from other communities as rivals.

However, this time the owner of the community went way to far. A man by the name of Tyler from Hammerfall Gaming (HFG) has been constantly threatening our community and spreading rumors and lies throughout his community to bring hate towards us. Recently things have escalated to the point where I need the advice of you guys at Facepunch.

Hello everyone! i need help advise something this was posted here by a co-owner of my server
we have recent attack such as this its when i change the map it goes to his server this is going on far to long i have been telling all the players on the server NOT to encourage him i don’t talk to any HFG members im trying to push away but its not helping I need someones help please.

why does this need 2 threads?

i was just told to make my post of it.

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as the other person that posted something similar is away at the time. and im just trying to get the word out and update on here