Attack on Offical Servers by Omega (Ω) - 2/15

Let’s use this thread as a way to gather all of the information that we know about this attack and the person behind it, in an effort to help Facepunch figure it out.

No official response, at this time. What we know, thus far, is that a player named “Omega” (Ω) logged on to the North America 4 server around 2:00 PM EST and stated something to the effect that he was “God” and “demanded praise.” Omega then ran what is believed to be a script that killed every player who was logged-in to the server and which also destroyed all crates and furnaces in players’ homes, thus causing players to lose everything that was not on their bodies. Omega then moved on to the North America 1 server later in the day and proceeded to do the same. The player’s Steam profile can be viewed here:

The effect that this had on everyone who was established on the server was virtually the same: demoralizing and disheartening. Not everyone lost everything, but most people lost most of their stuff. What remains to be determined is if Omega targeted certain players. It’s clear that he went after the majority, but perhaps there’s a silent minority that he didn’t target, players who were perhaps his friends or co-conspirators. If this were the case, it could cause a huge power imbalance on the servers, as some groups would have everything and others nothing at all. This scenario needs to be considered.

What I think Facepunch needs to do is either roll back the servers prior to the attack or wipe the (official) servers entirely. There’s no way to determine if Omega was working alone or not and, therefore, may have been helping certain groups to gain an advantage on the servers.
It’s clear that the majority of players got the short-end of the stick, however.

To Facepunch: Please let us know what can be done about this matter, if anything can be done at all.

Can anyone else who experienced/was affected by these attacks add any more information that may be useful?

He also did this on the Belgium server, killing everyone and cleaning the server of all crates and sleeping bags (but not beds).

Thanks for the information. Any idea when this happened? Did it happen weeks ago or recently? Were those server rolled-back or reset?

It was 2 days ago, the admin (echo) said he couldn’t rollback since there weren’t any backups, since he only kept weekly backups…
He said they would just wipe the server on the next official update

Here’s a thread started by someone from NA1 after he hit them (just trying to link the info together) ::

Thank you. Good call.

Let’s keep this thread going (and positive) with all of the information we know, to help Gary and development team figure this one out–and prevent it from happening in the future.

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This was quoted from my friend who was on the NA 4 server at the time the hack occurred:

"I was on earlier when NA 4 was hacked. They were calling the guy “Omega.” His real name was a bunch of symbols that looked like upside down “V’s” with an Omega sign in the middle. Like (VVVVΩVVVV) but imagine the V’s upside down. He went on a long speech about “Cleansing the server and rebuilding in his name.”

He comes onto the Australian server often. His given himself the name “King” and demands a tax and if the player dosn’t give him the tax he’ll kill everyone it’s frustrating he hasn’t even been banned yet.

ARE you serious?He started with NA servers?..

This Omega guy came in Belgium 3-4 days ago 10 PM and he destroyed every furnace/sleeping bag/shelter/storages/camp fires(except workbench) and he massacred everyone in range…Then he did it to UK 1/2/3/4 so 5 EU servers were destroyed. I don’t know about Germany 1/2…

Strange thing is that in Belgium he missed small rad town and yesterday in the morning a hacker came in small rad town and every storage blew from Next valley to the tanks…I am SHOCKEDDDDDD that this guy is not banned. This hack is total destruction…and there was no rollback of course and everyone lost everything…I see he started with NA servers…lawl

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Apparently, the development team can’t stop the guy… or they just don’t care. The impact that Omega has had on the player base cannot be understated. I was playing with a core group of 8 people and they’ve all just about left the game, after Omega hit the NA 4 sever. Months worth of work taken away in minutes…

We were all prepared for a server wipe by the development team. We were all prepared for a raid on our base and weren’t necessarily attached to our items. We weren’t prepared for Omega, however, and the effect it had was demoralizing, causing everyone to stop playing the game for a while.

Why can’t the server be rolled back? Even if it’s from days ago, that’s still better than nothing. If a roll back can’t be done, then wipe everything. It seems like the vast majority of people lost it all, but there’s some who claim they lost nothing. There’s a possibility that Omega allowed certain people to keep their items, which would create a huge power imbalance on the server. Was he working with other groups to give them an advantage?

I tried to start a message about Omega on the Steam forums, but it got deleted for “naming and shaming” him, as the moderator put it, when Omega was actually on the forums openly admitting to doing it, stating that a “cleanse needed to happen.”

Gary, why is Omega so hard to stop? He’s been hitting all of the official servers, so there must be enough data at this point to figure it out…

The lands had to be cleansed. There was simply no other way.

I agree with this. Also have a good group that I play with who have quit as well.

Only problem I see with this is what is the point of a server rollback if he can just do it again? Fixing the problem would be priority over rollback, I would think.

This is unfortunately true. Some buildings on the servers that were further out were left unharmed. Not to mention the fact that some sleepers were completely invisible in game (probably from the server hiccups) and came back with everything still on them.

I find it awfully suspicious as well how all traces of his posts in the Steam forums were removed. Only way you can tell it was there is that some of the following comments refer to them. A curiosity, to be sure.

Giving hackers attention encourages them. Like the several threads here about him.

P.S. fucking stop with the new threads about this guy, you’re giving him what he wants.

The posts were deleted by a community moderator who mistakenly thought I was “trolling”…

personally this is what you get. you either play on a official server and pay the price of the constant hackers or you play on a private server and have corrupt admins.

pick your poison people.

Ah . I suppose that’s true.

Although, leaving the community completely in the dark about it is painful too. Tough balancing act.

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That’s exactly my fear of the non-official servers to be honest.

I thought you read that Ohm!

Not that I support this kind of behavior, but a.) the game is still what? Alpha? You have to expect to lose all your stuff fairly often. b.) It is a survival game. If someone with God-like powers shows up, you might consider building him an Idol…

So… no option of secure and fair servers? :’(

This is getting awkward… I have this game since Feb 6th and already changed servers almost 10 times, for various reasons, including hackers, corrupt admins, too many KoS, etc.

This game needs more balancing and developers designated only to fix security bugs.

Cheatpunch bans 4000+ hackers? No problem, Most of them will buy the game again and use a different hack. :frowning:

Why would we build an “idol” to a hacker who destroyed all of our hard work? That’s stupid. If the “God-like powers” weren’t the result of hack, perhaps that would be a different story.