Attack On Titan Gamemode NPC Help

I want to make a titan npc, but there are a few issues I’ve ran into.

  1. Other entities like a rocket from a rocket launcher, or a anker entity don’t collide with the npc due to its sheer size.
  2. The titan npc turns unrealistically quickly, is there a way to slow its turn speed?
  3. The npc can’t attack players due to its size.
  4. Is there a way I can make it pick up players if they are in a certain range, but allow the player to struggle to get out before being eaten.

Any one with more experience with npcs than I have, could you help me out? Thanks in advanced.

Perhaps try figuring out how the strider NPC was created and try to do something similar in lua? As for picking players up… Kill the idea with fire… sourcesdk really isn’t made for stuff like that beyond what simple NPCs like barnacles can do. I mean you could probably get something simple working but it would take a great deal of skill.

Couldn’t you use something like the barnacles but increase the up speed then possibly use a second barnacle and use that one to bring it side to side and speed it up to?

Thanks for the ideas guys, y’all helped a bit.