Attack ! (US paratroopers attacking german position)

Enjoy !

The original is here :

work on the flash, other than that its good.

(it looks like you and pasted it from some where doesnt fit too well)

Nah, I don’t copy and paste the muzzle-flash, it’s just one my very first creation ^^’

It looks really good if its one or near one of your firsts keep it up :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks a lot guy :slight_smile:

Blur the edges of the flash to make it blend in more and make it seem like it’s actually in the picture as opposed to just added on top.

Helmet shadows are really over-done and the muzzleflash is quite bad.

I assume you did the muzzleflash on a separate layer? Well good job drawing it on but next time only do the white part, then copy that layer. On the new copied layer, blur it and colourise it orange. Copy the original muzzleflash layer again and blur it even more. Now your muzzleflash should look like it is emitting some sort of light.


Thanks Chesty for the tip :slight_smile:

Nah my only problem is the thompson, use a regular thompson next time :slight_smile:

The guy firing the garand looks like he is about 65.

But that thompson is more badass.

Wasen’t the drum mag for the Thompson made after WW2?


Guess who this big boy is:

Nah. Gangsters and the like used them in the 1930s. Some British soldiers used them during the Second World War.

Winston Churchill, isn’t it ? :slight_smile:

No, Al Capone, silly :downs:

[sp]I know it’s Churchill[/sp]

The shadow below the guys helmet is a little sharp aye?

I like it but americans diden’t use drum mags during WWII. forgot why.

I’d like to know why. :o

But screenshot is good, though the shadow looks a little bit weird, maybe it should fade a bit.

You have to colour to alpha the muzzleflash then remove the hard edges.

Posing is nice.