Attacking spikes should cause bleeding

It is currently easy to destroy Spike with a hatchet and the Large Spike might require the use of at least one medkit to get through it.
At a safe distance the character will slowly lose life as it hack through it but it won’t causes bleeding as it does not trigger when attacking it).
If the character would bleed it would bring a bigger challenge when trying to destroy them, I guess they could do a bit more damage as well.
Right now it’s 1 damage per hit with a hatchet, 2 damage per hit with pickaxe, reflecting the damage actually caused by the tool as from what I know the pickaxe has twice the power of the hatchet.

Note that running in them does not have the same effect as attacking them, this current suggestion regards only the “attacking/destroying spikes” part.

So a bit more damage and some bleeding, what do you guys think?

I agree.

@Mossman1223 you should voice yourself as why you disagree.

I agree too. My only concern is that if you make them too hard to destroy, the trolls will just layer spikes in front of doors and then the poor suckers who live there can’t get back in.

I agree with that too, it’s kind of hard to find decent solutions/plans to avoid getting f***** over.
Maybe someday there will be something so you can’t build next to another building unless it’s friendly but that would not make sense and remove some of the “realism”.