Attemped to prechache unknown particle system.

I have almost given up on this. But here goes.

Attemped to precache unknown particle system "water_1streak"!

I see a lot of people having the same problem, but I can’t find any solution for it.

**The particles work just fine. I have NOT made any mistakes in naming, refering to or otherwise pointing to my particle effects or files. They work just fine. **

The problem is that every time I quit my mod, start it again, and load my map, Source don’t seem to recognize them. The only way I’ve been able to keep modding is; if I rename every single particle effect in the particle editor and change the name back again, they work. But the problem still occurs every time I restart.

Thankful for help.

Do you have a particles_manifest?

Yes. The particles work and are visible in the game. My problem is that everytime I start the game I have to rename the particles and then change it back for them to work again.

Maybe its something wrong with your code?

I have not done any coding at all. I’ve had this problem ever since I tried it for the L4D Authoring Tools.
It occurs when I make a map for vanilla Episode Two too.

Try verifying your files on steam.

Nope. Nothing.

Have you accidentally put the particle name in the “name” keyvalue for the info_particle_system?

No. If I had done that I wouldn’t have been able to see them in-game.

Ahh, re-read OP and see what you mean now.

So, no Ideas?

Particle systems must be registered in a manifest file in order to work. These are:

particles\<map name>_manifest.txt (per-map) 

just adding the particle does nothing, if you didn’t add the particle File into the particles_manifest.txt file.

inside of a Particle_manifest file, it looke like this:

file “particles/error.pcf”
file “particles/fire_01.pcf”
file “particles/burning_fx.pcf”
file “particles/explosions.pcf”
file “particles/muzzleflashes.pcf”
file “particles/rockettrail.pcf”
file “particles/achievement.pcf”
file “particles/customparticles.pcf”

Read the OP.

Make the particles Read-Only? Or am I being really dumb now? ;x