Attempt at a creepy Scenebuild

Got bored made this, was gonna put some soldiers walking down towards the camera but thought agains’t it. C&C as always:

What map is this on?

Looks very good, lighting is nice, except for the book which is too bright compared to the mattress.

That fucking bear struck again.


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Damn that sneaky mother fucker

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Well the paper being a brighter material to the dark blue of the sleeping bag, light would reflect much brighter off it. As is to my understanding…I think

Not a bad attempt. Good light. The teddy bear was a nice touch.

Everything was great,until I noticed a guy on the fencing.
After that I couldn’t help the feeling that he’s just feel sick because of what he was cooking…and that taddy…haha…
But it looks really creepy,seriously

Maybe he is being sick, maybe he saw what was cooking in the pot, that teddy ain’t there for no reason ya know

just throw that guy over the ledge and make yourself comfy there. what a nice place. :3
naah, it’s really cool. i wouldn’t want to take a rest there. your attemp was succesfull in my opinion.