Attempt to call method 'LookupAttachment' (a nil value)

I’m working on two SNPCs from alien, a Chestburster (2nd attempt) and a facehugger which implants the Chestburster in to the npc / player’s chest.
But i’m getting an error when trying to look up the attachment for the npc / player’s face, it says that for some goddamn reason, LookupAttachment is an unknown method, is the ACTUAL LookupAttachment command broken now or what?

No that means whatever you are trying to call this method on does not have it, check the object you are using.

local headbone = target:LookupAttachment("eyes")
if headbone == 0 then
return nil

Beforehand, i made it so that if headbone couldn’t be found, it returns nil so I did’nt expect it to make a console statement about it.
Also, I (as the player) was the only entity in the sphere.

I am saying that “target” is not actually an entity.