attempt to call method 'Team' (a nil value)

[ERROR] lua/autorun/cl_info.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘Team’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - lua/autorun/cl_info.lua:6

Any ideas? I am a very new to lua so yeah… any help would be appreciated, and why this is happening would be better.


LocalPlayer() is returning nil, that usually happens when it’s not yet created ~ when the file is executed too early.
This will make your code execute once all entities (including the local player) are initialized:

hook.Add(“InitPostEntity”, “Hello”, function()
– your code here

Try put the first few lines into an “InitPostEntity” hook.

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It worked! Thanks a lot!
Now if anyone could help me with my loading screen, that’d be awesome…
trying to disable the default buffering thingy and display what it downloads, how many left and steamname.