Attempt to compare 2 user data...What the heck?

if Speed == Vector(0,0,0) and (ply.a_AentityVelocity - afriction)>=Vector(0,0,0) and Aentity:GetMinPropulsion() == 0 then

For some reason that line of code is producing the “attempt to compare two userdata values” error. I don’t see what I’ve done wrong in the code. Basicly before this I have had ply.a_AentityVelocity declared, and afriction and also Aentity:GetMinPropulsion is also declared. Min is an integer, afriction and ply.a_AentityVelocity are both vectors. afriction is declared as a unitvector of ply.a_AentityVelocity times the Aentity:GetAFriction() that I have declared by the user through the stool menu. :
Something is this code isn’t working but I have 0 clue whats wrong.

----EDIT —
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am trying to compare vectors, and that it won’t let you compare anything more than 1 on 1 : \

I do not believe vectors have an >= operator by default.

forgot to mention that I figured out that part. What I need help with now is an Issue with DTVar, apparently it has a limit of 4. Is there anythign I could use to get past that limit? Because I’m going to be using about 10+ vars for various things I can player could do. :\

Just use NWVars if it’s too many of them. Or consider usermessages or global vars if it doesn’t have to be constantly updated/entity specific, respectively.