Attempt to concatenate local 'attacker'

I keep getting this:

[gamemodes\black_rose\gamemode\init.lua:69] attempt to concatenate local 'attacker' (a userdata value)(Hook: DoPlayerDeath)

This is line number 69 (secks)
[lua] PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, attacker… “has reached next level ! ( " …BullyLoadStats[“lvl”]… " )”)[/lua]

Please stop posting this in multiple threads. You won’t get an answer any faster.

attacker:Name() if it’s a player (do checks), or else attacker:GetClass(),

I haven’t made this thread on purpose, I’ve lagged out of control and so posted this and post in the megathread, even twice as you could’ve noticed

Sure whatever. Can you at least just cease, from indirectly posting this crap then?
_nonsense’s answer actually makes sense btw.

What does GetClass() return if it is the ground that he gets killed by?

It would error because GetClass is part of the Entity library and your not calling it on an entity?

So you’d do if ValidEntity( attacker ) too, before attempting to get the class.

I see.