Attempt to create v_model multiple question

Allright I’m going to try to make v_models (hope it goes more succesfull then my headhack attempt) with xsi. I saw: and it didn’t look to hard. But I’m pretty sure it will be.

Anyway off to the questions:

How many animations do there have to be made? Idle, attacking and reload only right?

Would you reccomend to do this in XSI or 3DS?

When placing the camera, It’s ok to move the weapon right?

Also bit off the creation, but my model wont decompile. Going to make the Fallout 3 Lazer rifle. When I decompile I check Dump Old Unweighted SMD’s and Do not fix rotations on animations and I get this error:

Error Opening
E:\Users\Jasper\Modeling\v_models\fallout\2handedlaserrifle\2 and then a tiny L.smd

It’s the extraction folder.

Note: I get the same errors with other fallout 3 packs.

Am I doing something wrong or is it the model?

Decompile one of the basic HL2 weapons such as the crowbar, get another weapon (like a cylinder) and put it where the crowbar is, rig it to the hand bone, export it. Now open the QC and change the crowbar_ref.smd to the name of your model .smd and put rotate 90 after all the sqeuence lines (next to the fps 30) and recompile it. If you can get that to work, then use a similar process for other things. (also decompiling the weapon models will give you a good idea of how many and what to name your anims).

Also I have no idea what you mean by the error you have there :S (as I don’t use XSI if I can help it).

Thanks, and that error isn’t XSI, it’s decompiling with studio decompiler D:

Surely if you have the smd, your finished with the compiler O.o

The problem is I don’t have the smd because it wont decompile. I only have the .qc

Humm, try studio complier’s decompiler and if that doesn’t work, i’m not sure what you can do as i’ve never got anything that only half does it to contiune and do the rest :S

Nope, won’t work. Also tried switching engines but no… I think theres something wrong with the model D:


Yea, it’s the model… tried decompiling other stuff and that worked… Damn man