Attempt to index global 'translate' (a nil value)


I’m trying to fix up this script for my murder server, and was able to fix most of the errors except for a few, one of them being the error in the title.

cl_specdm.lua:57: attempt to index global 'translate' (a nil value)
1. DrawGameHUD - addons/murder spectator deathmatch/lua/cl_specdm.lua:57

I did some searching around and partially found a solution, but I don’t quite understand what it is, nor do I know how to implement it.
Here is the full cl_specdm.lua in pastebin

Here is the problem area:

		local shouldDraw = hook.Run("HUDShouldDraw", "MurderPlayerType")
		if shouldDraw != false then
			local name = translate.bystander
			local color = Color(20,120,255)

			if LocalPlayer() == ply && self:GetAmMurderer() then
				name = translate.murderer
				color = Color(190, 20, 20)

Which is at local name…

How do I specify translate (which is what I think I have to do) and therefore fix the error?

translate = {table of shit, probably players}