attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'intFireRate error

[ERROR] gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/sharedfiles/database/stats/sh_stats.lua:73: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'intFireRate' (a nil value)
  1. FireRateMod - gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/sharedfiles/database/stats/sh_stats.lua:73
   2. GetFireRate - gamemodes/underdone/entities/weapons/weapon_primaryweapon/shared.lua:182
    3. WeaponAttack - gamemodes/underdone/entities/weapons/weapon_primaryweapon/shared.lua:124
     4. unknown - gamemodes/underdone/entities/weapons/weapon_primaryweapon/shared.lua:78

Here guys, I’ll just copypaste my code & errors it generates, and you fix it. No context whatsoever, information you provided is not enough to trace down the reason behing this error.

Well i kinda did poste this as a help thread and idk and i am asking for help cuz i don’t even know how to fix it does that make u happy?