Attempted sale of Account

A User’s facepunch was trying to sell me your game account “Rust” and then went into desperation for more information if it was possible to have this exchange … and wonder if there may be the possibility of being sold an account?

Observation: The User has just been banned!
Name: Afterskill83

It’s advised that you don’t buy Rust accounts because they are usually scams, it says so in the stickied thread that you and many others refused to read.

thanks for the observation

why would you buy a FREE game in alpha anyways

like really why do people keep doing it.

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oh god

what is air]( :V

Edit: Please have that linked thread dipped in carbonite and preserved in a place of honour on the Rust subforum as a monument to the Summer of Rust Idiots. It perfectly encapsulates the hubris, lack of self-awareness, and obnoxiousness of the Rust noobs. :v:

Thanks for the information, and not refused to read the topic, just had not seen him since I’m new on Facepunch and also am not American, and I have difficulties traduçao to be of another nationality!

Thank you anyway!

That guy PM’d me twice, I told him I already had rust and 25 USD (or any money, period) is not worth an account. His reply was PMing the message a second time.

Oh, my mistake, it was 15 Euros the first time he PM’d me and then he changed it to USD.

He sold me the account, went on for a little bit until some other guy logged on. Nobody buy this, its terrible.

Yeah, he’s pretty special. :v:

It takes a brave man to admit that he was so gullible and foolish to get scammed.

Yeah, im very desperate for this game…dont know why, I just am. I know im quite the fool.

Like the sticky says, don’t buy Rust accounts, you can almost count on getting scammed because they can take them back whenever they want.

Yes, I know. I knew inside that It wouldn’t last long but i just wanted a taste of Rust for a little bit. Even a little bit of excitement from it would soothe my horrific obsession with the game…I guess 20 minutes of playing is a huge waste of 15 bucks…

jesus christ dude

I know I know, i’m and idiot, no need to rub it in.

It’s times like this that I wish I wasn’t such a good (or at least non-criminal) person. I could be making so much money right now, but I prefer not being banned and not being under investigation for fraud and stuff.

“Renting Rust accounts, $45/hour” :v:

Yeah…Im not THAT desperate XD

Here is the conversation I had with him:

Until my translate Portuguese into French!

And yet, $15 for 20 minutes of Rust is equivalent to $45/hour…

Edit: …I… I don’t even know what to say to you, man. Maybe the Internet isn’t the best thing for you; you seem to be intent on charging headlong into the risk of fraud even while thanking the people who are warning you not to run towards the cliff as you go by.

and Boom Happens everytime.

He sent me it, after i told him i already have my own key and called him a scammer, he tried to flog it to me again. I still have the first message =D