attempted to create unknown entity type ! | Not sure how to solve this..

I have been working on a server starting about 4 days ago, and everything was fine until I started to notice this error “attempted to create unknown entity type ! NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!” I have looked it up, but could not find anything having to do with “!” Any help or tips on solving this would be great!

Look for calls of ents.Create in your code and the ents they are calling.

To be honest im not too familiar with doing any of that kind of stuff, but how would I manage to find the exact entity type? I searched using notepad++ but it came with with about a hundred finds.

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Also forgot to mention, but it mainly happens when someone joins a certain job.

I think this might actually be from giving a job an invalid or nonexisting weapon.

Thats what I was thinking, but I only have 2 weapons in the job causing it, and they both are given to the player.

then remove the 2 weapons causing it…?

Turns out, every single job receives the same exact error.

then check your weapons :v:

Yeah it cant be the weapons, because even citizen causes the error, and they spawn with no weapons.

Then check your addons, one of them HAS to create the entity.

Then it has to be an entity being attached to your jobs. Check your addons.

Found out that it has something to do with ULX I have removed and added all addons one by one until I found out that it was ULX. I added a fresh install of Ulx and Ulib and it worked fine until I added groups like donator groups.

Then you bugged out the groups, maybe wrong inerhit or such.