Attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_

So, i just started creating a deathrun server. I’ve sorted out most things. The only addon i have as of now is ULX, I’m trying to sort all the small strings together now. An error i keep getting is

Attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_ak47!
Can't init weapon_ak47

This goes for several other weapon_ too.

I’d appreciate any help. Keep in mind that i just started this and I’m a “noob” pretty much.

EDIT : If this is a LUA problem then I’d appreciate it if someone moved it.

you need some CS:S SWEPS.
The maps are still with the CS:S Weapons and GMOD tries to spawn them, but you didn’t got entity yet with cs:s weapons.

i would prefer the madcow personally, but there are a lot more CS:S Sweps.

EDIT : I’ve downloaded the addon and extracted it. I have it and I’ve tried putting it in both addons folder and the materials, sound and lua folders. Doesen’t work?!!!

But is there any way that i can have other weapons for the users to use? At like the end of the round etc etc

you need to rename the folder of couse.
Ender’s Mad Cows Weapons\lua\weapons
there is a folder called weapon_mad_ak47
rename it to weapon_ak47
BUT (!) do NOT rename the 4 base ordner.