Attempted to create unknown entity type !

My console is being spammed with:

Attempted to create unknown entity type !
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!

I think it might be contributing with a snapshot error but I’m having but I have no idea how to fix this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is completely impossible to figure out if you don’t provide information.

Gamemode: MilitaryRP
Addons: (also have vcmod, prometheus, sscoreboard, ulx, ulib, utime)
Os: Linux
Version: 16.02.19

Sorry i’m new to all this. noob mistake on my end haha

Did you extract the gamemode?

extract? I just renamed the darkrp folder/commandline/etc. if thats what you mean

Search all the files in your addons folder with Notepad++ (you can search through multiple files by selecting a directory and type *.lua for the file type) for “GiveNamedItem” and see which addon contains that method.