Attempting to include a particle system in a gma file.

So I’ve been working on a map that had a particle system in it so I placed a folder named particles in the addon file. then I dropped my pcf file and my particle manifest into that folder,
unfortunately when I try to create the gma file it claims that I can not include the particle manifest because it is a txt file.
I leave out the particle manifest and then go back and create the gma file, I place my newly made gma file in the garrysmod/addons folder. I see my map appear I load up the map and
the particles I included with the gma file do not appear simply because there is not a particle manifest. is there anyway around this?

Think you need to do it via Lua now.
add a .lua file in lua\autorun called whatever.lua

And in it put.


Sadly this did not work for me, when I load up the map the console gives me this error
Attempting to create unknown particle system ‘Energybeam’
this is the code I used for the lua script


Don’t you have to add the .pcf file as well as precache all the individual particle effects you want to use? Something like this -


It’ll still show the “Attempting to create unknown particle system” errors in the console, but the effects should show up anyway.

This is what is supposed to appear:[/thumb]
This is what actually appears:

this is the lua file I used


And you did it on both, client and server, and on load? ( Not in any functions or hooks )

No I have not tried both, or on load. how would I go about doing this?

Just put them at the top of a shared file? Where exactly are you running this from?

I’m currently running it from the lua/autorun/shared folder

there is no such folder as autorun/shared. Nothing there gets called afaik.
Move the file to lua/autorun/

just tried that I’m still getting the same results as last time

Where exactly is the .pcf at?

its located in the particles folder, If you want I can give you a zip file of both the gma and extracted form of the addon and let you inspect it your self.

Yep, that would make it easier.

here you go

How are you loading the .gma?

I place it in my addons folder

It seems to be not loading like that, at least for me. I assume you have the map in your garrysmod/maps/ folder, that’s why you saw it.

shouldn’t precaching be done in Initialize hook?

no, it seems my map is being loaded from my ep2 maps folder if I remove it it does not show up. no wonder none of this is working, its because the addon isn’t even loading :v: