Attempting to update Go Fish

Hi. Me and a friend are wanting to attempt to update and old gamemode from GMOD 12, and we’re not entirely good with LUA. There’s a few problems that I’ve fixed but this one has stumped me.
I’m going to be posting here if I have other problems as well. But only if I absolutely cannot figure it out.

It’s using an outdated spawnmenu and I have no clue on how to update it.


[ERROR] gamemodes/gofish/gamemode/spawnmenu/prop_spawn.lua:29: attempt to call field 'Create' (a nil value)
  1. Init - gamemodes/gofish/gamemode/spawnmenu/prop_spawn.lua:29
   2. Create - lua/includes/extensions/client/panel/scriptedpanels.lua:153
    3. Init - gamemodes/gofish/gamemode/cl_panels.lua:51
     4. Create - lua/includes/extensions/client/panel/scriptedpanels.lua:153
      5. Call - gamemodes/gofish/gamemode/cl_panels.lua:23
       6. unknown - gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_spawnmenu.lua:56
        7. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54

prop_spawn.lua -

Looking at it, the code looks like its clientside and its attempting to spawn entities which IIRC you can’t do clientside, unless you replace it with clientside only entities. Try using this:

Alright, I changed that and removed a hunk of code from prop_spawn.lua and weapons.lua. The spawnlist is actually usable and I can spawn in a fishing hook. But that’s all you can do, nothing else is popping up.

weapons.lua -
prop_spawn.lua -

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Uploaded the whole Gamemode to GitHub because it may be easier to discuss and work on from here.