Attention!! CloudStream > LiquidRP(community) Balanul(owner) HUGE SCAM!! Please read!!

Hello everyone

I wanted to inform you all that the owner of the previous so called CloudStream community is a huge scammer and has scammed a ton of people (including myself) recently out of their custom class donations and more!! This guy does not deserve to run a community and be given the chance to scam others!

What he basically did was he said he was shutting down CloudStream because he could not pay for the server/community any longer and made a huge post about it… well then 1-2 days later he goes and makes another server called NEW LiquidRP | Minimal Downloads | Looking for staff! ( which has the exact same player slots and custom skins and jobs and screws everyone that just donated for a custom class out of them!!! this is insane

Here is a link to all the donator’s custom class jobs that lost them because this guy lied about not being able to pay for CloudStream and then he re-made it with a different name so people have to re-donate again to get new custom classes <— look at all of these previous donations that just got “erased” because this guy wanted to scam everyone… just from custom jobs alone this guy made so much money to be able to pay for a 50 player slot server but he decided to scam us

and he thinks he can just make a new server with a different name and pretend like nothing happened… please spread the word about Balanul and his scamming ways so others dont get scammed like myself

this is their new community website that they made… his co owner Capt. Crunch is also in on it as well hes also a scammer he probably gets a cut of the money made

Well if youre really “donating” he doesnt owe you a thing. Whats what donation means

Exactly this, legally speaking you aren’t buying a good or a service so you aren’t entitled to any kind of consumer protection. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before flushing your money away into the bottomless pit that is darkrp

Not sure or not how much moneys he made. But he made a pretty penny considering it used be popular. Over time though people have realized that the community/server is crap. Users have started to decline and that might be why he started a new community? To get rid of the old community reputation but even then thats assuming alot.

But just realize that almost all the DarkRP servers are pretty much ran to make money nowadays. I’ve never seen one with good staff/no donations/no custom classes for sale, in fact i’ve started seeing more money grabbing ways from servers such as unban tokens, ect. I’ve haven’t seen a good darkrp server in a long time.

You “donate” to a server because you actually want to help support it not because they claim you can get some special thing.

Sometimes I consider giving up my job and just becoming a DarkRP tycoon. Sounds like I can earn loads of cash from giving 50$+ donators ‘‘l33t pony ninja skinz’’.

yeah nah that’s why darkrp is shit cos most server owners have that mentality now
protip: there’s hardly any money in it anyway, you can make a lot more from scriptfodder and you don’t have to put up with the rp kiddies and their primary school tier drama either

To earn money you’ll need a big player base which some’ll be lucky with but most won’t

I have it all planned out dont worry. Borrow abit of cash and bribe Pewdz/Mark/JackSepticwatever to make a vid were they troll on it. Then the flood of kiiiidz will come >:]

They’ll get more money off there daily video than they would your bribe

:hammered: When you donate to a server You give them money you cant simply just say


But thats not what happened here. Him and other users alike who donated feel bullshitted to have given money to be told “We cannot afford this community anymore we’re shutting down” and then to see a new community popup ran by the same people offering the same services under the same game/gamemode and the people who donated before are SOL.

I kind of figured something like this would happen too. There server was doing crappy compared to when it opened, even after they changed the server map and tried to listen to there playerbase. I’m not surprised they jumped ship and started over again

Edit : Things seem a bit fishy as well. This looks to have been either an alternative community for a friend or this was planned a while back. This post from CSG was made in March on the 31st and Balanal has been registered on LiquidRP since July 22nd. So something seems fishy here, Why would a community owner three months after making a community make another community forum/website on the same game/w the same gamemode?

Now that i look back he started this community when they started having issues with people not joining the server.(Source) Around 5 days later he made a new site/forum for a new community after issues had already been apparent and were just being talked about in Cloudstream Gaming.

So make of it what you will, but Bal had made a new community after CSG started having population issues… It just doesn’t seem right to me!

Yes I am not upset because I lost my money, i understand how donations work… its just what he did to scam people out of their donations… thats a complete scam… he lied about not having money to pay for the server and just re-made the same server under a different name to scam people again, from what i am aware of this isnt his first time doing this either!!

So to the viewers in the thread. My Steam name is [LiquidRP]Capt. Crunch, you can look me up and add me if you want and I’ll prove it, but I was pointed towards this thread and would like to address some concerns I have with it.

To make things perfectly transparent for everyone, “drpepper997” is not a registered active user with LiquidRP or Cloudstream. He is a previously banned player by the name of “Zoorik” who you may or may not have heard of. Zoorik runs a Garry’s Mod DarkRP Server called High Voltage, who have had issues with Cloudstream for many months. To support my argument, we’ve since contacted the referenced player “DrPepper” on our server and confirmed that the person posting this thread is not in-fact who he says he is.

Recently myself and my friend Balanul, a former staff member of High Voltage, opened a server called LiquidRP. Our server is a completely new server, and as we’ve stated to our donors and players, has no correlation with Cloudstream. We’ve made it abundantly clear to all players that IF they choose to donate, it is their own choice, therefore all “scam” reports posted on this thread, are null and void, as there is no evidence or reports of our players ever being accusingly scammed.

Like I stated, for many months Zoorik has been particularly un-pleased with our previous server Cloudstream, and made multiple attempts to soil its reputation by sending its staff to us in an attempt to break our rules and ruin our players’ experiences. We assume he’s just being salty because a previous staff member of his opened a server and it turned out to be quite successful, however again that’s just an assumption.

We have no issue with High Voltage other than its harmful and unnecessary attacks on Balanul and myself, or the servers we run.

To conclude, I’d like to send an invitation to Zoorik, to add me on Steam, Skype, whatever, and discuss with me the issues you’re having with us, so we can sort things out like mature people. I think that’s a completely fair suggestion to end such a stupid attempt at soiling our brand new server’s reputation.

Zoorik, dont you think you’ve started enough shit on facepunch? You constantly wonder why your community is dead. This is part of the reason, you spend too much time worrying about what im doing and scamming developers to not worry about your own shit.

Actually I am not drpepper997

Heres a link to my steam profile check my aliases… Ive used the same tag and same name for almost 3 years now…

Its funny how you try to blame me for this because your players have actually came on my server such as drpepper997/dan/alias and others asking for us to take them in because you guys scammed them…

No wonder all of your admins keep contacting us to take them back in lol

Balanul did you really think it would be ok to pack up shop and scam all of your players like that?

Also your “admins/staff” continuously try to come on our server and advertise your community and also have spammed our steam group in the past with your community name etc…

Please grow up and move on

Stop dragging us into your mess that you created and looking for someone to blame

Jesus, you’re a real character arent you? you’re posting under the name drpepper997. You should really try to clean your attitude and reputation up before you continue shit talking me. dont forget you posted a thread on hf trying to get someone to ddos my community. maybe you should go back and read the thread about you from a month ago. its pretty clear you’re the one with the actual issues.

EDIT: Maybe i should also point out the thread you posted on my forums.

Yeah I’m Dr.Pepper9977 Bitch.

In response to your last post, I was referring to the account on facepunch, not Steam.

I would also suggest it’s you and not the real DrPepper since you posted another attack post about us less than a month ago on Facepunch.

In response to what you said about our admins contacting you, I have multiple staff to came to us showing invitations from YOU inviting them back to your server for free vip.

Again I extend my invitation to contact me directly and resolve any misleading rumors like mature people.

Look I have no idea who drpepper997 is but you need to move on and stop blaming our community for your mistakes, drpepper997 was one of the players on last night that we gave VIP to that said was from your community along with some of the rest…

You guys really need to stop trying to sabotage us, this is pathetic…

You shut down your community and scam people and then look for someone to blame because people are upset with you