Attention Server Admins (Admin Tool)

Hi Fellow Admins,

During the DDoS downtime waiting for my server to stabilize, I developed an admin tool to greatly help most of the administrative functions. I’d love to hear any recommendations or things that could be added. It essentially takes control of the client, and is console aware in that it knows if your console is open or closed before executing a command. It’s capable of Ban/Kick/Teleport, as well as airdrops and gifting our items to any specific user and quantity. You can try it out from our site below.

Also, feel free to join us in game, we’d love to see you:

This is still in an early build, and would love to hear your feedback!


Any chance you’d be willing to post the source code? Kind of curious to see how you made it, that’s all.

Hello for some reason my anti-malware software says the file can be dangerous ? can u explain this ?, im not saying that its a virus or something i just want to know the why

Hmm I have no idea why it would complain, I have 5 admins using this now on our server. It’s developed with Autohotkey and AHK GUI Creator:

I do have Malwarebytes installed and haven’t had an issue.

Hi friend,

your app is great. I’m testing it a lot, will give more feedback asap! :slight_smile:

I was just asking like i said


Already tested it and it seems fine

Good job

Just a bit on how it determines if your console is open or closed I made this:

You need to leave the console window in the upper right quadrant of your screen for it to detect the console. I did it this way to cut down on CPU of processing RGB pixel values of your entire screen.

Is there no rcon protocol for rust? Searching for pixels and sending keys in game is just all bad. But if there’s no rcon protocol for this game yet I applaud your effort for a crude work around.

Thanks man, as far as I know there is not, and typed commands were the only way. The main motivation for something like this was the frustration of not even having an up arrow to fix a typo…

There isn’t a working / release API yet so all we have is workarounds / mods

Doesn’t work on Win7 32bit, says its not compatible?

He most likely needs to have it compiled for 32bit…ill let him know to see what he can do

Is this verified by a forum mod or dev? is it safe/vacsafe?

I looked into this prior to developing using AHK and found the following which explains it is VAC allowed:

So let me get this straight
I download and install on my server?
or on my computer?

If you’re using AHK, use the 32 bit compiler. Otherwise it will only run on 64 bit based OS

This is something that would be installed on your computer… all it does is macro commands into your in-game F1 console.

Jcooz was working today but I am sure he will get a 32bit client up when he can

push it on github buddy I would love to work on it too ! Great project btw :slight_smile:

Give it a shot now I have a 32bit compiled version up: