Attention to all builders

Hi, I’m JC2Gamer. Most of you know me yet a lot of you don’t. The whole purpose of this thread is to recognize Bjspoon(AKA Jeep_sucks) as a complete idiot. A few months ago, he proceeded that the server he was on was really good, and requested that I join him, in which I did. Me, figuring would test my new URAL 375D for mechanical problems, spawned it in and was not aware that the ULX Prop protection was malfunctioning. During testing, Bjspoon used the broken ULX to his advantage and stole the truck from me. He now hops around to various build servers and attempts to “show off” the truck and claim that the whole creation was of his making. This thread is to spread information of his thievery and to let everyone know the I am the original creator. I will be using this and maybe other threads I might create in the future to post my creations. Hopefully, that will dispose of the problem. If you see Bjspoon(or Jeep-sucks as that is his other name) on your server, he will most likely spawn the truck. It is of your best judgement to ban him. He has also been seen crashing servers and spamming on purpose. This thread is for my safety as well as yours. Hopefully you will take action upon meeting him and enjoy the rest of my creations. Pictures will be provided below.


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Due to me never having to extract screenshots from steam, I am unable to provide pictures on this website. Although, feel free to view my profile on steam.

Look, that’s real terrible and all, but this isn’t Facepunch’s problem. This kind of thing happens all the time. The only thing you can really do is take it up with him.

“Most of you know me”
Who do you think you are?

should’ve patented it.

Give me 100 dollars and I’ll beat him up through my screen.

Well, this is what I was afraid of. I did NOT create this thread to tell face punch to deal with it. If you would have actually paid attention to the message, I said I created this thread to ensure that people know what I make so anything that is stolen in the future can be identified as mine. Please, read the text before accusing me of making this Facepunch’s problem.

Let me put this gently.

Nobody cares.

I did not make you comment on this thread nor were you required to. I would very much appreciate it if you would stop and leave the thread. I did not ask for people to comment irrelevant things accusing me of saying things in which I did not. If no one cared (assuming that you don’t either) then why bother posting comments? Nice try.

Guys, how about quit being assholes?

You probably don’t know how hard is to make a suspension and a working engine for the truck, the body being a completely different subject. It sucks when you spend a week making this and some retard comes and BAM, he claims your creation in all servers.

Worst of all is that he claimed it first so you can do nothing about it.

I remember that kid. I remember seeing his name in the ban list on my server :v:

You don’t know how useful this information is to some server owners. He’s already banned on my server, but I’m sure there are other smaller servers that aren’t aware of this.

I remember back a few years ago when I first met BJSpoon. He was some 8 year old with a shitty mic, and I bet he hasn’t changed much.

He sucks at rally.